Are "Used" Revel Studios worth the money??

I have seem great reviews for Revel's Studio speakers on the Web. They seem very expensive at retail; but, are a used/mint pair worth the money?? especially in comparison to their F-30 Model?? Or, are there other "used/mint" speakers out there for less money that are "equal" or almost equal in performance??? All comments welcomed and appreciated!!! Thank you
And hopefully, with a modicum of luck, I will get to hear Mike1diver setup in a few days. He is a nice guy and definitely talking straight. More audio here in TN than you could believe.
I also bought a used pair of Studios and think they are wonderful. Not fatiguing like most super accurate speakers, they are so smooth and natural.
Depending on the amount of money you are talking about, pre-owned Revel Studios, in my opinion, are definitely worth the money.
I own a set of Revel Studios, that I bought here on Audiogon. I upgraded from the F30's, which are also a good buy.
The Studios can be a little finicky on their placement, and can be a little bright, depending on your power source, and your room. But they do have high end adjustments for the tweeters. I have also experimented around until finding the right speaker cables; Audioquest Calderas, biwired, seem to work well, compared to the Audiotruth Sterlings that I was using; and that also made a huge difference.
I am using them, now,with a pair of Levinson 33H monoblocks, and a Wadia 861 cd player, and they perform wonderfully.
So my answer to your question, within reason, is "Yes".
Hope that helps.
I'm a big Revel fan, and have listened to the Salons, the Studios, and the F-30s pretty seriously. I think that each step along that price progression makes sense, i.e., that there is good reason for the Studios to cost significantly more than the F-30s. I think the price difference between the Gems and the F-30s is much harder to justify on audio-relevant (as opposed to cosmetic) grounds.
Please check my review out of these new speakers from Zu We directly compaired the Druids to the Revel Salons on a complete Levinson system. These speakers are amazing! This is a truthful review to the best of my ability. I haven't stopped listening (or smiling) since we did the test.