Are power cords and speaker cables dependent?

I am interested in member's experiences with the synergy between audiophile power cords, amps, and speaker cables. Reviews seem to emphasize finding the best power cord for a particular amp, but I don't recall a review that described how a particular cord/amp combination performed better with some speaker cables than others.
I do recall that using all JPS cables, interconnects and power cords was a particularly synergistic match and straying from the family was of no benefit. That was a few systems ago though...
Thank you for the response. I agree that the family approach to cables may be good. It seems reasonable for a maker to develop power cords, interconnects, and speaker cables that are complimentary. Perhaps we should think in terms of choosing cable systems. On the other hand, mixing and matching can be fun(and frustrating).
Shall we suppose that given the lack of responses over the years to this question that the power cord and speaker cables are independent?
The OP discovered that lamp cord, the rubbery supplied power cord and the rubbery, joined IC's work just fine.
Probably would, "work just fine", if you were spinning vinyl at a Bar Mitzva.
Someone has to build the wost systems.  Cable haters do a grand job of it.