Are Plextor burners compatible with Macbook Pro?

Hi everyone. I was looking to buy a Plextor external ripper/burner for my macbook pro since I heard it will result in much better sounding cd-r's. I am unsure if they are compatible with mac or not. I know they have one made just for the macbook air but it looks flimsy. I was wondering what makes it not compatible? Is it the Plextools software that comes with it that is not compatible? I recently downloaded Toast Titanium ripping/burning software that works fine on my mac. Will this make all of the Plextors compatible if I use the Toast software? I'm not sure which Plextor to get. Any recommendations for one that will burn the best SOUNDING discs? Is it better to get one that just does cd's or is it ok to get one that is capable of burning also bluray, etc? Thanks a lot.
I use a Plextor on my PC and it shows up as a separate CD burner to choose from the list of burners.
I don't see why it wouldn't work the same way with MAC.
Mine can burn cd or dvd.
The Plextor should work with the Mac burning CD-R and DVD type media. If you're considering a BluRay offering from Plextor, the BluRay function may not work.

Having said that, consult the Plextor web site. They should have documented whether their products work with Mac or not.
Thanks for your responses. I actually did call Plextor and they said that all of their products are meant to work with windows and SHOULD work with mac but said that they could not guarantee it and said they couldn't offer any support. They only offer support with windows. I decided to order one and take a chance.
Hopefully it will work.
Just splurge and get a Lacie drive.