Are PC UPS a Power Conditioning alternative?

Ive been looking into power conditioning for my system. I like the PS Audio Premier - but I am on a budge so I started looking at PC UPS system. First,I know it is no match for top shelf PS Audio. The UPS is only $400 bucks. Duh. Anyway - the idea could have merit at least until I have more money to put into a better solution. This may have been raised before -is there any benefit to using a PC UPS in an audio application? My initial concern is that computers draw relative level power - while amplifiers are very dynamic - so right from the start the design could be compromised in an audio application. Anyway - here is what I am looking at -
Are PC UPS a Power Conditioning alternative?
Absolutely NOT. For starters computers use switching regulator power supplies and good audio uses linear power supplies. The output from a computer ups is a very jagged waveform. That being said you would make noisey power even worse.
Most PC oriented UPS supply a square wave, not a sine wave.

My experience with this is they kill dynamics.

If you have one for your computer try it and see for yourself.

I'm now using a PS Audio P-1000, and getting greater dynamics than straght into the wall.

John C.
There are other options for power conditioning. One is the unit sold in kit or factory wired by Transcendent. The website has all the info. Used units are sold on Audiogon and they usually do not last long. Hope that this helps. Steve
If you are on a budget for the PSA's PPP, get their Duet or Quintet. They are well worth the money even at list price.

You do need good quality power cords from the line conditioner to your components though if you want to get the full benefit from the Duet or the Quintet.

One suggestion is to get the Harmonic Tech's Pro AC-11, a best bang for the buck power cord.
You could use a true "online" UPS (for servers, not PC's) such as Liebert GXT2-1000's. You can find them on eBay with new batteries for around $200-300 (new about $1000). Note: you should replace the batteries every 3-4 years (or avoid the hazzle and buy a new unit).

There are three types of UPS: offline, line interactive, and online. Offline and line interactive will allow trash thru from the utility (unless complete outage), and do make jagged / squared sine waves.

HOWEVER, online models will reconstructed a purified waveform (without need of further filtering). Also called double-conversion, it creates a true sine wave at output. I use Liebert GXT units on my audio (Canary amp, Envoy pre, Marantz SA-1, ...), and they work great. Sound is pure, better than utility. I never hear any noise, not even during a power failure.