Are Pass Labs amps probably the best ever you can buy ?

I have about 15k to spend on an amp/preamp/integrated amp.

I mostly listen to smooth jazz like Dave Koz, Rippingtons, Brian Culbertson etc.... and loud.

I have yet to hear any amp that comes close to Pass Labs.

Your experiences pls ?
To pile on with the T+A love fest, since owning the T+A DAC8 DSD I’m looking to jump on their bandwagon anywhere I can.  Their electronics kick ass.
With that budget, I second duckworp’s recommendation. If you can find a good 2nd hand Vitus SIA-025Mk2 Class A integrated, that is a very musical, warm sounding amp which will drive your speakers with authority. I own the SIA-025 Mk1 and it is a peach of an amp. If you’re buying new, I can recommend the Vitus RI-101 which is $15.6kUS. It is a powerful, natural/organic and musical sounding amp. I really like it. The new RI-101 is also closer to the SIA-025 than the old RI-100.

Re: Pass, I’ve heard the Pass XA-250.8/XP-20 combo and clearly preferred the SIA-025 running in Class A. I’d even take the RI-101 over that combo. But remember, we all hear things differently and this is just my opinion.
Define "best". Your "best" is another ones "no way".


/ Marcus
Pass gets lots of accolades and praise, so they must be good!  I have really no experience with them.  I have a Luxman L-590AxII integrated. It's full class A power.  Sounds spectacular and has a built in phono stage, which is also excellent.  Others I considered were the Esoteric F-07 integrated.  I see, maybe it's new, Mark Levinson - No 5805 Integrated.  It has phono and digital inputs.  

These are all available at Music Direct.  No I don't work for them.  I mention them because they have a generous 60 day return policy and they make returns easy.  This is essential for trying whatever you decide to purchase; you need to try it in your system. It is the only way to know, if a piece is right for you.


Good to see that you are still enjoying the Vitus Audio gear.

Happy Listening!