Are Pass Labs amps probably the best ever you can buy ?

I have about 15k to spend on an amp/preamp/integrated amp.

I mostly listen to smooth jazz like Dave Koz, Rippingtons, Brian Culbertson etc.... and loud.

I have yet to hear any amp that comes close to Pass Labs.

Your experiences pls ?
Pass is great.

I have a Perla Audio integrated that sounds similar to the Pass .8 amps.  The big difference is that the Perla uses 5W at standby vs like 250W for the Pass.  It’s also not covered in giant heat sinks, and is Class AB.

i know some don’t care about this, but after hearing the Perla amp it kind of made the hulking and power hungry Pass amp that’s heavily A biased feel antiquated.
To pile on with the T+A love fest, since owning the T+A DAC8 DSD I’m looking to jump on their bandwagon anywhere I can.  Their electronics kick ass.
With that budget, I second duckworp’s recommendation. If you can find a good 2nd hand Vitus SIA-025Mk2 Class A integrated, that is a very musical, warm sounding amp which will drive your speakers with authority. I own the SIA-025 Mk1 and it is a peach of an amp. If you’re buying new, I can recommend the Vitus RI-101 which is $15.6kUS. It is a powerful, natural/organic and musical sounding amp. I really like it. The new RI-101 is also closer to the SIA-025 than the old RI-100.

Re: Pass, I’ve heard the Pass XA-250.8/XP-20 combo and clearly preferred the SIA-025 running in Class A. I’d even take the RI-101 over that combo. But remember, we all hear things differently and this is just my opinion.
Define "best". Your "best" is another ones "no way".


/ Marcus
Pass gets lots of accolades and praise, so they must be good!  I have really no experience with them.  I have a Luxman L-590AxII integrated. It's full class A power.  Sounds spectacular and has a built in phono stage, which is also excellent.  Others I considered were the Esoteric F-07 integrated.  I see, maybe it's new, Mark Levinson - No 5805 Integrated.  It has phono and digital inputs.  

These are all available at Music Direct.  No I don't work for them.  I mention them because they have a generous 60 day return policy and they make returns easy.  This is essential for trying whatever you decide to purchase; you need to try it in your system. It is the only way to know, if a piece is right for you.