Are parts still available for vintage Klipsch?

I recently found a pair of Klipsch Cornwalls for $130.00 at a pawn shop. The cabinets have seen better days but, I can always refinish or paint them. The grills are in good shape and they sound great. My question is, are parts still available for these 30+ year old speakers? I have not talked to anyone at Klipsch as of yet. Does anyone know if woofers and horns are still available? I would like to have them checked out and have new binding posts installed but, I don't want to spend too much money if they were to suddenly die. Jim
At $130.00, your making a mistake to pass them up. A pair of these at Ebay or Audiogon would fetch $750.00 or more.

In fact, you could afford to spend money on making them pretty and still have a bargain. As for repairs, the tweeters are (I think) Electro Voice and the woofers can be rebuilt if they go bad.

Go for it !!
Look on the forums at for member Bob Crites. Or you can usually find him by looking for these vintage Klipsch parts on eBay. Bob has a lot of these parts available. I have a pair of 1977 La Scala's with original drivers, so they don't usually wear out too fast.
As already stated, that was a steal! Not only can you find the old stuff still available on eBay and through other channels, but you can also modify the crossover on those speakers using Al Klappenberger's DIY Plans (see the "Klipsch" section under "Extreme Crossovers"). I've used his crossovers in my LaScala's with mixed results, but when they work, they are a very significant improvement over stock. They did not work for me in a smaller room though, where I preferred the stock AA crossovers. There are some simple things you can do to improve upon the stock Cornwall. First off replace the stock zip-cord wiring harness with some quality wires such as DH Labs silver, or alternatively I've heard some folks have been happy with Paul Speltz Anti-Cables. Also, assuming yours is the older Cornwall with the screw-down back, you may want to consider adding some thin foam weather stripping around the perimeter of the seal. If you really want to go to town replace the stock plywood back with a 1" MDF (you may need longer screws) for a bit of reinforcement in your bass. Internal bracing in those large cabinets would not hurt either and should be fairly simple. The body of your sqwawker horn is likely metal. Attach some dampening sheets to the outside of the horn to eliminate any 'ringing'. You can get that stuff from PartsExpress pretty inexpensively. Cut the sheets to fit and use a hair dryer or heat gun to get it to conform tightly to the horn.

Enjoy! Those speakers will sound great with a moderately powered tube amp. They are extremely efficient.

Thanks for the ideas. I will definitely replace the back panel with MDF and rewire the wiring harness and the binding posts. If anyone has any other suggestions or mods please let me know. Thanks again, Jim
I currently have a 1956 Klipschorn in the For Sale section. It's all original.... Needs nothing! I would agree with the above statement: These things LAST!