Are Paradigm 9se speakers a good buy?

I just bought a used pair of Paradigm 9se loudspeakers. I paid $200 for them, but am yet to receive them. I've read some good reviews, but I would like to have some unbiased opinions from people who have owned them or listened to them. Just wondering if I got a good buy or ripped off.
Here are some user reviews...

I remember giving them a good hard listen when they came out, they are a solid speaker for the money and for $200 it sounds like a good fair deal to me.

Get them, listen to them, and decide. They are always pretty much going to be worth $200. I like them at that price, probably would consider them at any price up to around $400 if shopping for used speakers. Others have and will do worse for more money.
Paradigm 9's new are around 900.00. So You got a great deal. Listen and decide for yourself-they generally have a smooth sound, not to much Bass. You should receive many hours of pleasure from these. Let me know what your feeling are on them, after you've listened to them awhile. Good Luck Bill