Are new SACD and/or DVD-A titles being released?

Or are both formats dead or near death? MFSL seems to have ceased SACD releases. I had sent them an email with this question about new SACD releases and they did not have the courtsey to reply.
Well it seems that this month and next MFSL is releasing new hybrid SACD titles. Hope this is a good sign for the SACD format.
sacd is alive and well. Check out
Yes, as Stereo5 says new SACDs are coming out on a regular basis from a number of labels.

Over at Audio Fidelity, they will release their first two 5.1 Multchannel SACDs later this month.

Hadn't heard the rumor about Mo Fi dropping SACD. News to me.
FYI, I heard from Mobile Fidelity today. They are not dropping SACDs. In fact, they are actively looking to license more albums for SACD release.