Are nearfield speakers homeworthy for personal use

Barefoot Sound MicroMain 27 speakers have great specs and for $8K you pay for sound only and not beautiful furniture. Does anyone know if these "nearfield" monitor speakers are appropriate for non-studio use?
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I think you can use any kind of speaker anywhere you want if it sounds good to you. It does pay to listen to them first if you can.
I've head these speakers (in a studio). They're great, as long as you like the sound and can hang with the looks, they'll work anywhere...
If you're looking for a pair of active monitors with good looks, then take a look at the Focal Twin 6. I used them in my living room and they sounded great. I'm using them in my studio now. They cost less than half what the Barefoots cost. Lots of discussion on both of these brands over on the Gearslutz website.
I actually heard them today. I did an A/B with PMC IB2i. We used Gdis dac/ pre amp and power amp for PMC and dac and pre for MM27. They are different. The PMC offer a heftier sound and slightly more open in the top. PMC IB2i is very good, and better with a larger power amp.
I've owned PMC IB2 and used a Krell 600c. That was an exciting combo. IB2i is updated with new tweeter and filters are also updated.
The MM27 never do any kind of box sound, striking clean bass. The top (tweeter) could IMO, be more open. The speakers were used in flat mode setting. I really liked them. IMO, very musical not at all harsh or fatiguing. Not the best i've heard, but for the money, it is spot on.

Just be aware of how you intend to use them, at what distances! You'd likely not have any issues with room interference.
Also, they were not picky about position of listner or especially picky of positioning in general. My PL 300, are very much more demanding.
I should after all, look for a preamp which helps further to "set the mark" for what sonic preference i had.
Perhaps also look for a good IC and PC to set the last spike in the coffin.
You could mail me directly and ask if you'd like. There is much to say.
You need to hear the pro (active) ATC 25 and the hi fi (passive) ATC 40. that should be in the comparison group