Are my older Svetlana KT88's Svets or Winged C's?

Hello, I've got 9 older (e.g. 2002 or 2003) Svetlana KT88's. They are marked: "Svetlana Electron Services Inc, KT88, Made in Russia" and have codes such as 0012, 0010,0009, 0110.

I need two matched quads to try out KT88's in my VTL 450's. To match these existing tubes, I'd like to know if I should be looking for a set of Svetlanas or Winged C's. I am just trying out the KT88's, so I would like to find some used tubes (each can be biased individually on the VTL's).

Thanks very much, Peter S
And the followup question is: are these older Svet KT88's worth matching? If they are the same as Winged C's, I would think the answer is yes. But I don't see a lot of phrase about current production Svetlana KT88's (maybe I haven't looked hard enough).
Current production Svetlana KT88's are made on the same assembly line and in the same factory as Sovtek tubes.

Wing C brand are the same as your old Svetlana.

The Svetlana NAME (only) is now owned by Sovtek and associated brands.

Name change fooled everyone, perhaps not as well as the new Mullard, Tung Sol, Gold Lion and Amperex brands that are also Sovteks (or is it Electro-Harmonix? :^).

All built in the same place (EXCEPT) Wing C in Saint Petersburg Russia where they have always been.
Thank you Albert. So, I should be after winged C KT88's to try out on my beloved VTL 450's...

By the way, if anyone has any that are low hours or still test well, and want to divest, drop me an email! Thanks.
Peter, Wing C KT88 is good, 6550 Wing C is good.

I use 6550 in my VTL's.

The 6550 Wing C is preferred by both Audio Research and CAT, I'm sure they tested before making the choice.
I like the 6550's too, and use them in my VTL 450's. I'm just thinking that if I can increase my current stock to enough to put in the VTL's (7 good ones, increased to 16), I can have a listen for myself, for not too much $$$$. Thanks Albert.
Peter, what was the out come of your KT-88's? I have the recent discontinued VTL-450's and planning to retube with Wing "C" tubes. I am also researching the Reissued Gold Lions (New Sensor). Do you have any info.