Are my cables burning in IF...

Just bought some new Musaeus IC's from bgates here at AGON, and I'm using a spare 9000ES to burn them in (I think). Risking massive ridicule from anyone with a passing familiarity of electronics, here are my questions:

Currently I have the cables between the DVD player and my PrePro (through analog bypass).

If I turn off the amp, but leave the DVD player on endless play and the prepro on and selected to its input, are the cables burning in?

What if I keep the DVD player going but switch to another input on the prepro? Is it still burning in?
Yes, Yes.
Yes to both of your questions, as I have been told in the past. As long as you have a signal running through the interconnects - they are burning in, whether the piece of equipment they are running into is turned on or not.
Yes, Yes, Yes!
It's weird but it seems like the sound is bright when I first turn the amp on to listen (with the DVD player playing continuously). After listening with the amp for an hour or 2 the sound seems to mellow out (again). I guess it's a case of my ears burning in which definitely needs the amps to be on. ;)

Thanks for your replies.
I have found that if I'm watching 2 movies in a row, the audio always seems to be better on the second one. I think most amps and processors just operate better after being on for awhile. Again, like you say though, it could be our ears warming up!!
Larryb and Mark_lp:

The reason your systems sound better after some playing time is that everything gets warmed up and at optimum operating temperature after some use, typically an hour or so if everything is on all the time and at idle before you begin listening. Anyone who turns their gear off and then only listens for an hour or so never really hears how good their system is.
Since Mark and I presumably are both using solid state systems (which most HT electronics are), I wonder if the warm up period is as much of an issue as with tube based systems.

Still, I've also experienced that the sound (and also video) gets better with the second movie come to think of it. Very interesting.
If you watch twelve two hours movies, six four hour movies or a mix of two, three and four movies in a twenty four hour period your cables should break in nicely.
Yikes - that would break in the cable and also break me with projector bulb replacements. ;)