Are Music Reference amps still available new?

Does anyone know if Roger Modjesky of Music Reference designated anyone to carry on his legacy of amps and other gear? 
Are any of his creations still available newly manufactured? 
I’m interested in the RM-10 mk 2.
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You can also reach out to Audiogoner clio09, as I believe he still works for Music Reference.  

As an aside, I've owned a vintage Music Reference RM9 MKII for several years (refurbished by Roger Modjeski) and it's the best amp I've owned as an audiophile for over 20 years.
Fellow Goner Pehare uses this amp.  May want to reach out to him for insight.
Thanks again, I’ll send a few pm’s and see what I find out.
Roger left the business to a few folks including myself. He left us a wealth of intellectual property and projects. We have plans to carry on his legacy. Given the times we are in right now things are moving slower than we would like. Tubes are still available through the Tube Audio Store and equipment is still available through Music Reference. If you are interested in something specific contact us directly via the email that can be found on the Tube Audio Store website.

Thank you for the additional information. I had already sent an email through the website but wasn’t sure if it actually was received. I’ll give it some more time.

 I sincerely wish you guys a lot of success. Roger’s designs are brilliant and I’m so happy you are continuing his legacy.

@joeinid we did not receive the email. Also, did not see it in the spam folder. The email can be found here:

If you sent an email using the Music Reference email address it won't be received.
Yes, that was the problem. Sorry. I’ll resend tomorrow. 
Thanks again for following up.
05-24-2020 4:57pm"Roger left the business to a few folks including myself. He left us a wealth of intellectual property and projects. We have plans to carry on his legacy..."

So pleased to read this today. A good friend of mine also named "Roger" S passed five years ago unexpectedly. Audio was a hobby in common. He was awarded a 4th place acknowledgement and writeup by a group from the Audio Engineering Society for his modest 2-way tube based system with small monitor speakers. His final amp was the RM-9 MKII. That amp caused me to make the move from 35 years of solid state to tube amps systems myself. His sister/brother in-law and family enjoys that system today. Keep that legacy going, and thanks for chiming in and letting us know.

Wonderful sentiments in your post, thank you.
Another RM-9 owner here. Roger was nice enough to upgrade it to a MKII years ago. I still enjoy it a few hours a month when I can dedicate the time and really listen. I also have an original RM-10. Both amps are running original RAM tubes and I've pondered if I should buy extra sets so I'm very glad to know they're still available.