Are MIT ic's warm sounding?

With not to much experience with other ic's.Are Mit's interconnects "warm" sounding.I'm using Mit's 330 shotgun ic's and was looking into something with a warmer sound without loosing the micro dynamics and space that these MIT cables give me.Looking for a balanced ic that would work good on a 'all Pass Labs system..
Well your interconnects are way out of my league I think, but I've used MIT terminator 2 and 4 interconnects. I would not describe them as warm at all, in fact the opposite. I'd agree with the micro dynamics and space observations.

For a warmer sound I use DNM Reson interconnects. I much prefer these currently over the MITs on my system.

These are a radically different design approach from most high end interconnects, almost a minimalist design approach. You might well do better but it would not take a large investment to give them a try. essentialhifitweaks on ebay usually has them available.
MITs are very good, perhaps even exceptional on clarity, even the lesser models I've used.