Are Merlins too much?

I have a smallish room, but I hope I'm not stuck in here forever. The room is about 10 x 12, or maybe 10 x 14 at the most. My system is a Nakamichi OMS 7A II, Audio Institute integrated tube pre-amp and Canton speakers. The interconnect is Purist Opis and the speaker cable is the Paul Speltz junk. I would not use it with the new speakers.

Are the Merlin VSM-Mx speakers too much for my system or my room? Will they over power the room or will they be too revealing of my less than great Nakamichi and/or Audio Institute?
You would be better of to spend less on speakers and move up to a hi fi CD Playe. The Nak is mid fi at best.DONT WORRY ABOUT CABLES UNTILL YOU HAVE THE BEST SOURCE YOU CAN AFFORD. iT WILL MAKE THE BIGGEST DIFFERENCE.
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the tsm mx will not overpower the room but i am not familiar with your amp type. perhaps if you could call me tomorrow at the plant i could answer your questions with more information and give you some proper recommendations.
585 367 2390 at 10:30 est.
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I briefly used my VSM SEs in a similarly sized room. Backed up within 2 feet of the wall, the tonal balance actually improved - and quite significantly. The trade off was some loss of pitch definition in the bass and deterioration of the otherwise world class imaging. I don't know the MX, but I doubt it would overload the room. But if you do find the bass too prominent, simply pull the BAM from the loop. When you move the speakers to bigger digs - move them out into the room, reconnect the BAM and enjoy.


Do you actually mean the TSM-MX (the "bookshelf" speaker) or the floorstanding VSM-MX?
Regardless, talk to the designer himself and he will help you out.
As the TSM with stands will take up about the same space requirements as the VSM, let that not be part of your consideration.

Yeah, give Bobby a call. He is as honest as they come and will flat out tell you whether or not he thinks the merlins might not be the best choice.
No David I am talking about the full sized floor standing model.
please call me and i will fill you in on the dos and don'ts of this speaker. they (the vsm mx) will work well in this size of room and actually the bam has a band pass filter that removes the bass under 30Hz which will help you alot but we need to talk about the rest and potential set up.
first of all depending on what cantons you own, you may not be making a huge difference in the quality of sound.
I don't remember what model the Canton's are but they're tiny. They aren't even one foot tall, and the model is a 10 something. The floor standing Merlins would be a huge step up, not that the Canton's aren't good in the right application.