Are Martin Logan’s what they used to be?

I had a pair of Vista’s that sounded very good, amazing actually with vocals but they were always in need of maintenance. Replaced panels... both woofers... ML admitted the 8’s were an issue. 

I have AA 10t’s now and miss the Logan staging etc. I am in no way disappointed with the AA’s but just wondering about the new ML lineup. 

Opinions and facts are welcome.
I had a very enjoyable conversation with Roger Sanders about a pair of Eros and the amp/xover. I kinda seems I should buy them and sell my 10T's to finance two new panels. The pair I'm looking at are the Mk1 and he stressed strongly I replace the panels if they weren't already. That is a 2000$ min investment. For 500$ I can get the Eros w amp. I REALLY miss the image and natural tonality of panels... I can really "hear" the tweeters on my 10t's. wondering if I should recap the xovers in the AA's?
I need to agree with George, as I owned MLs, and set up many pair. And the problem becomes worse as you raise the spl. I am glad he spoke about " smearing of details ", as any loudspeaker that rocks back and forth will give up much of this. I found this to be a problem with the factory supplied supports and stands of most Maggies as well. Enjoy ! MrD. 
  I have a pair of Martin Logan Summit X's, driving them with a solid state McIntosh MC-2255 amplifier with great results. As a by the way, I have a pair of Apogee Duetta II's (bought new in 1987, rebuilt by Rich Murry of Minden, Nevada, in 2008), driven by a Roger Sanders Preamplifier and two of his Magtech monoblock amplifiers. Really great sound! I really have no opinion about the merits of flat ESL panels or curved ESL panels.I'll let you gentlemen debate the issue.  I just let my ears decide and I have two great systems.This has been a lifelong hobby for me, with great enjoyment.