Are manufacturer AC cables good enough?

I have two PS Audio AC3 and two Pangea AC 14 cables I don't use.  My thinking is that Ayre wouldn't supply cables that are inadequate for their components.  Is that thinking flawed?

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maybe it was the electrical shocks that caused the cognitive dissonance...
"Double-insulated" simply means anything the user would be likely to touch is made of non-conductive material. In 120V code-compliant electrical systems, the neutral conductor is also connected to ground, and thus, to the circuit breaker.

In (most) single-ended audio circuits, if (especially) the input signal’s ground, is disconnected from the chassis (or internal grounding point, if the chassis is non-conductive) then the signal is lost …
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"Equipment that is double-insulated does NOT require a connection between chassis and earth ground. In such cases, a 2-pronged power cord is perfectly acceptable."
I thought it clarified it to me, it seemed logical and simple. Reading rest of the repsonses, I got lost.

Still, your explanation reminded me of an icon that my portable cassette player had. Two squares, smaller inside the bigger one, which was to imply it was double insulated. Having disassembled that mean machine many times, I do not think it was really "double-insulated", but it might have been constructed in some way that it was not easy to electrocute self. Unless opening it, of course.