Are Magnepan MMGW's going to work with my NAD T761

well i know they will work, but will i be happy? i dont need alot of db's, but enough to feel like ive upgraded from by b&w 601's. i want to find out if i like the maggies sound, if so, i will upgrade my mains and use the mmgw's as surrounds, and probably upgrade my amp too. any input? thanks!

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in doing some more research in the past few days i think i may have decided to start out with the larger floor standing mmg's instead. i hope this combo will be able to handle almost any type of music, including my overall benchmark test, metallica's 'one'. while this may be one of my favorite songs (it is a great test of every part of a good system) i dont just listen to hard rock such as metallica. i like pink floyd, srv, as well as the music i assume the maggies were made for, classical and jazz. i like everything except country and i am just wondering if any maggie owners past or present have the same diverse musical taste as i do. if so, do you think the mmg's will hold up, or am i asking for trouble?
thx ecruz, between your experience along with other people ive talked too, it sounds like maggies, atleast the smaller ones, arent for me, o well. with the placement issues and the fact that mags dont seem to perform well with loud volumes, i guess i will stick with b&w for now, thanks anyways!!!