Are Lyra Cartridges Repairable to 2nd Owner?

I have a low hour Lyra Kloes that has a problem internally and needs repair. I am the 2nd owner. My dealer says AudioQuest just gives a credit that depends on age towards a brand new cartridge and doesn't send it away to get looked at.

I was sure that I had read some of Jonathan Carr's post here saying Lyra cartridges could be repaired. Are they only repaired under the 1st year warrantee to the original owner and not after that?
Unless they have changed their policy, Lyra will indeed repair the cartridge.

Contact Alasdair Patrick ([email protected]) and he will take care of you. Great guy and Audioquest is a wonderful company to deal with, along with Lyra, of course.

Mine took right at 7 weeks from the time I sent it to Audioquest, (they will forward it to Lyra in Japan), to the time I got it back in perfect shape.
They can be repaired. Either your dealer is ignorant of the policy or trying to make a quick sale.