Are LAMM 1.2 ref amplifiers synergistic with WP7

I currently have LAMM 1.2 ref amplifiers and a Mark Levinson 32 pre-amp. I am considering the purcase of Wilson Watt Puppy 7.0 speakers and want to ensure the suitability of this combination. Any help or feedback would be much appreciated
Hey Steve,

You should speak with Mike, "Karmapolice", as he has the Lamm M2.2s with the W/P 7s. I think it would work fine, but he can probably tell you whether he thinks having half the power of the M1.2s would work okay.

(I have the M2.1s with the Revel Studios, and I think I could have gone with the M1.1s or 1.2s very easily myself, as I usually run my preamp at about the 9 or 10 o'clock position.)

Good Luck!
I don't know specifically about the LAMMs, but I have WP7s powered by a ML335. Although they are very efficient, they need lots of current as they go below 4 ohms in the bass. Clearly the LAMMs are excellent amps, just make sure they can deliver the current.
The preamp volume knob position is not an indicator of power output.
I believe the hybrid you have will be tons of power. I plan to use the same with my sophias.

Last week, I bought a pair of lamm 2.2 amps to play with the wilson watt puppy 7 speakers. I know that you have the 1.2 but they are close cousins (yours having more class a power and mine having more overall power but both being monoblock hybrids).

Anyway, I can assure you that the lamm and wilson combo is a great one. The mid-range and the vocals will amaze you. The icing on the cake for me is that lamm uses the wilson speakers at many shows where they showcase their amps. I mean if lamm thinks that wilson will highlight their amplifiers than I felt reassured it was the right direction to go in.

There are a lot of wilson bashers on the audiogon and they make hypertechnical arguments to support their claims. I concede that the speakers are pricey but it will work like hand in glove with the lamm 1.2. I even emailed lamm and they told me either the 1.2 or 2.2 would work great with the wp7.


p.s. I debated whether to get the 1.2 versus the 2.2 lamm amp but since I was going from a 300 watt solid state amp, I was a little hesitant to give up too much power and thought it would be the best of both worlds.
Hi Steve,
I am using the Lamm M1.1s with WP5.1 any very happy with the sound. I think Lamm and Wilson are great match as I've using Sonic Frontier power 3 monos and VTL450 mono for my WP5.1 and I found the Lamm has best of the bothworlds in tube and SS. Besides the M1.2 has more power then mine old 1.1 and the WP7 is easer to drive then the WP5.1.
Thanks to everyone for their informed responses. I purchased the WP7's and look forward to their arrival!