Are KT88 Gold Lions Amp Tubes dependable

I have a 2275 McIntosh Integrated amp with factory tubes, and I am considering changing tubes to the Gold Lions KT88
Any thoughts appreciated.
I found them to be reliable while using them in my Ayon Spirit 2 - might also want to consider Shuguang Black Treasures - I found them a step up over the GLs
I loved the GLs and found them reliable in my Jadis.
I run them (8) in a Cary CAD 120 amp. Sound great and no problems.
I found the set bought from Jin Mc Shane very reliable. 3 yrs running without any problems.
They are warm, have big bass but they lack the ultimate clarity and resolution of the GE 65550s.
I have run GL KT88's in my amps for years and have had no problems with them.
The early runs were not as good but they seem to have got it down now. I love this tube.
I found them to be less than reliable in the VTL ST-150 I had at the time. I had two of eight go bad within a year. I did love the sound though. In the end I couldn't afford to replace them and switched back to Tung Sol 6550s. They were much more reliable for me and my amp.