Are Japanese SHM-CD pressings worth the price difference?

Looking to buy some of these pressings, but have some reservations. At twice the price of domestic CDs are they worth it sonically? 

I bought few and did not hear any uptick in SQ over their regular CD counterparts. So, IMO they are not worth their asking price.

OTH, I highly recommend K2HD mastered XRCD24 or UHQCD’s. My go to source for these wonderful sounding discs are Elusive Disc and Acoustic Sounds.
I have had mixed results with Japanese pressings, but in general I would say that they do tend to be superior to the originals. I have had more limited experience with XRCDs, but have found them to be outstanding.

If you like jazz, the Blue Note series is superb. Try Hank Mobley: Soul Station
Slight difference.   The cd laser reads the shm cd easier. 
  Now that I’m older, I try to buy important cd releases from Japan, they keep the value, and a lot of them go up on price, so if you sell them later with all things included, obi strip, booklets, stickers/guitar picks, etc etc. 
you will get your money back plus more. 
 The Japanese music industry is far superior to the cheaply made USA lp,cd, etc. 
especially the Japanese LP, far superior.
  I do like the shm cd, never had any skips!
Buy a few of your absolute favorites or must haves to evaluate.  All systems are different as are our ears. Very detailed and transparent systems will notice the increase in resolution and dynamics.  YMMV.
Got to admit I am surprised by the responses. After reading the title, I expected many to splash praise on SHMs; a number of them I've got sound better than not only redbook domestic (USA) versions, but they also crush some over-hyped high-res versions.
As @tom6897 stated, could be system dependent and YMMV, but I have a number of friends with very high end systems and this is one of those rare musical topics on which we all agree! Cheers,
The SHM SACD of Black Sabbath, Paranoid is very special.  It is the only SHM CD I like.  Sounds almost as good as my original vinyl pressing. 
The SQ of SHM-CD may be system dependent but is definitely dependent on the quality of the master being used. The Japanese label may not have a master and must rely on US or UK to provide one.

The highest quality can be found with XRCD’s; a very different mastering and manufacturing process. And very costly.