Are interconnect cables worth $15,000?

Has anyone experienced the ecstasy of the revelation made to their systems by the insertion of the new 'super' interconnects like Tara Labs Zero and Nordost Odin?
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How can you leave Purist Audio Design and Virtual Dynamics of the list. Purist Audio Aesthetix Umbilical power cord at 12,000 retail or the Anniversary speaker at 17,000 retail.
Virtual dynamics Genesis Speaker at 17,340 retail or Genesis 1.1 RCA Interconnects 11,560. :0
I do believe you can get free shipping though so that's a plus :) and there are many more out there.LOL
Oh, did you say free ship??!! Outta my way pilgrim; Kan't wait to spend 17k a meter !!! In my vernacuar most systems would benifit more; if that kind of dough were to be spent on a better source/pre/ amp/or speakers-- unless you already have a 150k system and are using monster cables??????--However it seems business is brisk in the multi-thou. cable business. I was hoping I could use my first-borne as a trade. (I'll check w/ Rick)
Are they worth it? Sure they are if you were Steve Jobs and you wanted peace in mind knowing that no one can criticize you for not spending enough in interconnects.
$150K system !?!?!?!

For me to 'justify' spending $15K for speaker cables, my system would have to be at least $500K.

My current system is around $50K, give or take, and I'm using $300 speaker cables. Good enough for me.
I believe that 99% of all systems will benefit more from a $15,000 component upgrade than a $15,000 interconnect.
I don't believe in power and speaker cables BUT inter-connects have even had my wife take notice. On the otherhand, $15k can buy some nice components and upgrades. So, no, I can't see going that far. If you need to spend that much you should donate to the Phili Children's Hospital or The Smile Train. There is more to your existence than a .01% in sound improvement.
The cables you are refering to are actually pretty cheap cables. It is the cost of the termination that gets you. You can buy interconnects for $15,000 for 1 meter terminated with either RCA or XLR and then get another 1/2 meter for only $2,400 more. Based on that scenario, the termination cost and connectors cost you $10,200. By comparison, the cabling is dirt cheap and relatively quite a bargain.
I believe that 99% of all systems will benefit more from a $15,000 component upgrade than a $15,000 interconnect.

Or you can add room acoustic treatment or a better house with a more suitable room to that list - I agree wholeheartedly.

IMHO $15,000 cables are nearly the most expensive inflexible (poor value) tone control that money can buy but I respect those with $15,000 Cables who claim to hear fantastic to each his is an emotional/perceptual thing; to some extent high prices provide comfort (compared to radio shack quality) that no stone is left compromises allowed.
Who is asking,
is what I want to know.
Everything is worth only what you are willing to pay.
No. Not in my universe.
I would say definitely, that is if you listen to music in a dust and noise free perfectly acoustic vacuum and only spin a record once before tossing it in the trash....and of course, you maybe run a hedge fund and just have lots of cash sitting around. I wouldnt recommend re-financing your house for them though.
only if you have Client #9 money
I had a great experience switching from my MIT-770 speaker cables ($3500) to MIT-850 triads ($9500). If you got the money go for it. I wish I could afford Tara Labs Omega series speaker cables, maybe someday.
A friend was demonstrating his new multi thousand buck cables to me recently ( i think they were nordost)I wasnt really paying much attention to the brand since I roll my own. His old cables were sitting nearby. When he left the room for awhile I switched the cables. He returned and we continued to listen for several hours. He never noticed and I never mentioned it. To this day he has never said anything about it. I cant wait to switch his new power cord out for the one from my old dell if I get the chance.
Great move Rccc and so true... on the cable switch! I am sure double blind cable tests would change many minds on the belief that expensive cables REALLY do SOUND BETTER. That is why audio magazines & reviewers do not endorse or practice this form of cable comparison as many IC & speaker cables across the price spectrum would sound the same or very similiar and certainly would not justify some of their silly asking prices! One usually hears what one wants to hear... I guess there are a few exceptions to that rule, to avoid any potential arguments!
Absolutely unequivicably YES. Only if the IC are made of 7 nines palladium and weigh a pound or so. How they sound is irrelevant.

In my opinion, the most important cables are those that are the very first in the system, especially if you listen to an analog source. Good cables between the tonearm and phonostage can make a critical difference. How much to spend? I suppose it depends on how much disposable income you have available. After all, everything is relative.

That said, other cables make less of a difference, although the differences can be heard. Cables in the chain before the speakers are very important, of course, but there is a diminishing return. Speaker cables are also important, but they may be the least important ones. By the way, I own a pair of Tesla treated 6N copper speaker cables that would sell for thousands of dollars, and they are better. How much better? I suppose that would depend on all the other components and the expectations of the listener. They are very good, though. Would I pay thousands of dollars for speaker cables given my current finances? No, but mine were a gift from a manufacturer friend. Anyway, if someone has an extra $15,000, and he hears a difference that justifies the expenditure, it is his money to spend. I see the entire issue as one that is wholly dependent on ones lot in life, and his particular priorities relating to our hobby. No one should begrudge him for that. Just count your blessings for the system you have, and be happy that an upgrade path will always exist for when our ships come in. ;)

Oh, good. I've been wondering just how to spend that $15,000 extra cash that's been burning a hole in my pocket. ;-P

I recently conducted an audition of some highly regarded cables available to me locally in southern California.

Liked them all.
Would gladly live with any.

Especially if I hadn't heard the others.
These kind of 'products' give high end a bad name.
No -- no how no way.
Why the hell is this CABLE thread in the ANALOG forum?
Ok, Rcc you get "meanie of the month" award. Messin' w/ somebody's system is ; well pretty bad; esp. to prove that kind of point.--'Yer' bad. BTW, I got SR cables and the Quattro box. A week or so back I switched out some power cords--ones I owned / long time. I had just bought a new BD player and the Onkyo receiver. I didn't do 2ch for a week as new toys get higher priority. When I did get back to 2ch I noticed the sound was flat and then some. I finally got off my butt to see what the -is going on. I forgot I borrowed the cord to the Quattro box. Once that was plugged back in the magic returned----so we're not all deaf; some of us might notice--.
In another "meanie of the month" episode at a recording studio I spend a lot of time in. We have westlake bbsm10's driven by brystons with either 2"tape source or digital through apogees sent through the summing buss of a vintage restored neve console. The speakers are connected with the fattest cables Ive ever seen that came from westlake and were very expensive. As the owner claimed the cables made a big difference I suggested we try some old monster cable I had and give a listen. 5 people were there that day and the only one who heard a definate improvement with the westlake cables was the owner. I suggested he was delusional, he asserts we are deaf. In the end its in the ear (or imagination) of the beholder. And really since he paid for the cables Im quite happy to listen through them.