Are integrated amps technically better than separates?

I'm assuming we are talking same class of amplifier and the integrated has the features you want. I'm thinking the integrated could actually be an improvement over separates due to being a more "direct" connection. Taking away the flexibility factor of separates, is my line of thinking correct?
I was not insinuating anyone's enjoyment of music is secondary. Just saying that it's not necessary to be a hardware hobbyist/tweaker to have a great sounding system to enjoy music.

Music enjoyment (while appreciating great sound - openness, detail, bass, clarity) is a separate area of interest to hardware, and people can make their own choice whether to have one or two hobbies. 

There are some that have a primary interest in hardware, some music and some both. Everyone is free to choose and spend accordingly. Personally, I have roughly equal investment in hardware versus software.
ASR Emitter II Exclusive Is an integrated with three external power supplies that sounds rather good.
Maybe an exception to the generalization that separates sound better than integrateds.
Great info. Sounds like the key with separates is high quality interconnects. 

Absolutely.  Happy Listening!
I've used separates for years, right down to phono preamps and MC step up transformers.

I sold hi-end gear during college to pay the bills working at a local tweak shop. As you might imagine, I received professional training from the different reps who called on us.

The pitch for separates of course was flexibility to customize the sound and to reduce the possibility of signal "smear" from everything being on the same chassis with the resulting improvement in sound.

At the end of the day, practical matters of available space, budget, etc come into play.

Buy what you can afford and still manage to enjoy it!