Are integrated amps technically better than separates?

I'm assuming we are talking same class of amplifier and the integrated has the features you want. I'm thinking the integrated could actually be an improvement over separates due to being a more "direct" connection. Taking away the flexibility factor of separates, is my line of thinking correct?

Would you fill in some of the details of what you know about power cords?  You've told us that a power cord that's not up to the job is going to hurt the sound, but what are the basic requirements for an adequate power cord?  One that will not degrade the sound in a system the average 'Goner might own.  

What impedance is adequate?  Should it be solid or stranded wire?  What gauge should it be?  What about dielectric materials?  As your system becomes more sophisticated, do you need a power cord to do more that deliver electricity?

I would greatly appreciate it if you can give us any guidelines or refer to where we can find answers to these questions.  This is one of the more confusing topics in audio for me, and one that seems to cause the most heated arguments.
I was not insinuating anyone's enjoyment of music is secondary. Just saying that it's not necessary to be a hardware hobbyist/tweaker to have a great sounding system to enjoy music.

Music enjoyment (while appreciating great sound - openness, detail, bass, clarity) is a separate area of interest to hardware, and people can make their own choice whether to have one or two hobbies. 

There are some that have a primary interest in hardware, some music and some both. Everyone is free to choose and spend accordingly. Personally, I have roughly equal investment in hardware versus software.
ASR Emitter II Exclusive Is an integrated with three external power supplies that sounds rather good.
Maybe an exception to the generalization that separates sound better than integrateds.
Great info. Sounds like the key with separates is high quality interconnects. 

Absolutely.  Happy Listening!