Are integrated amps technically better than separates?

I'm assuming we are talking same class of amplifier and the integrated has the features you want. I'm thinking the integrated could actually be an improvement over separates due to being a more "direct" connection. Taking away the flexibility factor of separates, is my line of thinking correct?
I don't remember where I read it but some amp designers actually think that the best thing is to have an integrated amp with a separate power supply. That is a two box solution but with different separation of what goes in which box.

Another solution could be four boxes, pre and power and then separate power supplies for each. It may be technically better but it is very expensive.
Technically yes and no. Some of the advantages are shorter paths and same vibration across the unit.
Market wants to sell seperates for profit and integrates for share. Value wise an integrated unit is hard to beat. Consider what is required as accompanying material for preamp, phono, power, transport, dac and then prey for compatibility.
Market has plenty to offer and with careful matching of amp, speakers and room size you are close.
Seperates have the more potential but demand more patience.

When I am in my more involved phase I seem to go with separates for the fun-aggravation factor. There are more variables to consider and more components, cables And cords to swap out, mix and match. Matching separates can be a double edged sword. The “ what if?” factor can easily turn into the “ why did I?”one in this wonderful hobby.
Absolutely not, High powered amplifiers need to be kept as far away from preamplifiers as possible. Ideally amplifiers should be right behind the speakers with cables as short as possible. The lower the impedance of the speaker the more important this becomes.
Integrated amps are cheap solutions for people who do not have much room or who really do not care about the absolute sound.
That is not to say that there are not some very good integrateds out there. I suppose if you had very efficient, high impedance speakers allowing you to get away with a lower powered amplifier you might be able to build a very nice system. If the integrated had preamp outs and amp ins you could add a crossover and subs improving things further.