Are Innuos about to lunch new models?

I am thinking about buying the Innuos ZENith Mk3, but then again it's over 3 years old now.Are there rumors about new models coming soon?
They told me there was no free launch.
At least we know for sure that there in no Shakespeare humor.
Martin I purchased the Innuos Zenith 3 with the Innuos Phoenix about 8 months ago and so far it is the most enjoyable and thrilling playback I’ve experienced at home to date .

However a couple issues I find a little troubling according to my dealer any hardware upgrades that may become available owners would need to send their server back to the manufacturer,
Other then a dealer network here in North America Innuos have not set up any technical representative for warranty work or any likely hardware upgrades in the future.

Secondly the Phoenix, it is an obvious upgrade with comparison listening which apparently brings the playback performance close to Statement model according to those whom did the comparison listening.
It’s too bad Innuos did not incorporate the Phoenix in the Zenith for those like me that see the Phoenix as a $3400.00 add on box that needs further money spent on it for an additional power cord and USB cable .

So your question is certainly a valid one if you were to purchase a Zenith 3 , will there be a new and improved Zenith MK4 or a complete new design,..
Thirdly for the money spent I’m not too thrilled with the cheap folded sheet metal chassis’s Innuos use , 
What about the app to run it without Ipeng like Aurender or Lumin?  Years in the making.  It costs $1050 to upgrade Zenith II/ PSU to III plus R/T shipping to Portugal.
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