Are Harbeth P3ESR's Any Different From B&W???

Been reading a lot about how good these are lately.I've always loved the midrange that B&W speakers have,something about those Kevlar drivers just sounds amazing to me.Problem is never liked the high's,again,something about those metal tweeters just sound zippy to my ears.So I'm wondering,even though the midrange might me magical on the baby Harbeth's,with that metal dome tweeter are they going to be any different from the B&W's(magical midrange,bright highs)?Thanks much,take care...
My friend had B&W and I thought they were a bright speaker. I have the Harbeths and find them a little bright but just love their sound. If you are looking for a speaker that is not bright check out the Spendor 3/5. I owned them before the Harbeths,they are real easy on the ear.
Ive never heard bright associated with Harbeths. I have compact 7's but I run tube amplification. Oddly I used to own B&W DM602's with solid state NAD gear and never found it bright. I did however connect the B&W's to Rotel gear and I could not bare the 'Bright'. It was unbearable. It depends also on your choice of music. When I had the B&W's I cranked rock very loud and probably finished off my hearing with that and 35 years of rock concerts. Then I got heavily into jazz and bought the Harbeths and tubes. My rock still sounds good, jazz sounds great, and I don't play loud. If you play loud look elsewhere than Harbeth.
Consider Sonus Faber and Dynaudio too. Most non fatiguing but somewhat laid back (compared to B&W) that I have heard. Vienna Acoustics isn't too bad either.
The Harbeths use a metal tweeter as well, they just roll it off a little more than B&W does.

If you are looking to smooth things out up top look at some of the soft dome tweeter choices - Spendor, PMC etc.
The Harbeths have better midrange than B&W in my opinion, but the B&W's will play louder.