Are Focal Aria 926 considered to be a Hi-Fi speaker?

Curious where these fall on the ladder of Hi-Fi? 
They’re good for the price 
I agree good for the price. So good for the price sounds like Mid-Fi?
All in the ear of the listener . Are you wanting to get the absolute truth of a recording or will something close do . The Focal aria series cannot go 20/20 . But they sound excellent to my ears for recordings that were made by means of not knowing how it should sound . Pop music , ect… 
I haven't heard the 926 but have had extensive auditions of the 936. IMO, they were not even "good for the price." Their MSRP is $4K and on balance, they sounded no better than $2K competition from Revel, Magnepan, B&W and Monitor Audio.

I think much of what you're paying for in that product line is the svelte cabinet finish - leather, wood, and glass. If you like the Focal sonic signature, you be better off getting the stand-mount Electra 1008s currently on closeout. You'll get less bass quantity but that can be substituted with subs down the road. The superior top end of the Be tweeter is well worth foregoing some bass quantity.
Let YOUR OWN EARS be the judge.

Naturally, if your sources aren't decent, the expectation can't be met. I've always thought the Aria series were nice sounding speakers in their price point. 

The entire Focal line is solid. 

Setup/room of course, is paramount for any speaker.

It's all subjective regardless. Try to demo, or buy from a dealer with a return policy.

Asking if it's a "Hi-Fi speaker" seems inappropriate. I personally don't own Focals, but have heard countless setups from the  lower to Utopia line. Some ears like them, some don't.
I should say I have a pair of them. I like them a lot! I was just curious in the hi-fi world where they fell. 
Well I mean they’re sort of a lower series for Focal but that’s ok. In contrast to the other poster I thought they sound much better than Bowers &Wikins at the price point.
Everyone has different tastes but I found Focal Aria to be strong under 5k. I’d personally choose Spendor but that’s just personal preference

if they sound good to you that’s all that matters
"hifi" is, of course, in the ears of the beholder--to me it means a speaker which is coherent reproduces timbre naturally and is free from colorations. form that perspective, imo the aria qualifies as hi-fi notwithstanding that it's on a middle tier pricewise. as a related aside, i've found many of focal's and b&w's lower priced models better-sounding than some of the megabuck pieces.