Are ferrites effective for cabling?

Good day.  I have several ferrites in varying sizes.  Are they effective for eliminating noise or stray inductance/capacitance?  If so, would they be best utilized on interconnects or speaker cables, or both?  Or, should they not be used at all?  TIA for your thoughts.
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I stand under correction but we wind 10 turns of the cable in a loop for vhf transmission lines to remove any stray rf, perhaps this will work for audio...
Not sure I go along with making 10 loops in an audio cable to reduce stray RF, i.e., turning the cable into an inductor.

“The major goal of high end cables is to reduce inductance as much as possible.” - Tara Labs, maker of ultra low inductance audio cables

I am not diminishing the problem of stray RF, as we are swimming in a pool of RF.