Are ferrites effective for cabling?

Good day.  I have several ferrites in varying sizes.  Are they effective for eliminating noise or stray inductance/capacitance?  If so, would they be best utilized on interconnects or speaker cables, or both?  Or, should they not be used at all?  TIA for your thoughts.
I reseached the right ones to use and experimented. Did my due diligence. Dulled the sound unfortunately. So yes one could say they lowered the noise floor, but they also lowered the Fidelity! Oh well. 
Exactly! And it seems like such a good idea, too. File it along with other things that don’t work, like lead, Sonex, ERS cloth and keep moving. A rolling pebble gathers no moss.
Yes, they put them on powercords on nearly all computer stuff.  On The old computer monitor cords too. all those cords had them. All those guys designing that stuff must be idiots... ??
My take on the IC experiment..  If they 'dulled the sound on a IC, then the ones you used were 'too big'. I am glad though, that one effort made the op decide it was a complete fail. No need to experiment (Good thing Edison and other experimenters did not act that way. Or maybe we all would still be in the dark?)           
I consistantly retry stuff to see if it is better some other way...Sure sometimes  it is not better, actually worse, but other time Yeah! it is better.Good luck.
Monkey see, monkey do. 
The name of Geoff's autobiography: " Monkey see, monkey do."