Are ferrites effective for cabling?

Good day.  I have several ferrites in varying sizes.  Are they effective for eliminating noise or stray inductance/capacitance?  If so, would they be best utilized on interconnects or speaker cables, or both?  Or, should they not be used at all?  TIA for your thoughts.
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Ok, tried them on Ethernet and usb cables and found they dulled the sound too much. Much like putting any amount of Stillpoints ERS tape on cables.
Bingo! And Bingo, again! 🤗
You know that random approach to trying things without knowing what they do is only going to cause you frustration. People who design electronics don’t just say “hmmm, that random handful of parts looks good to me, they will do anything I want if I believe it enough”. Failure to plan is the same as planning to fail.
I reseached the right ones to use and experimented. Did my due diligence. Dulled the sound unfortunately. So yes one could say they lowered the noise floor, but they also lowered the Fidelity! Oh well.