Are ferrites effective for cabling?

Good day.  I have several ferrites in varying sizes.  Are they effective for eliminating noise or stray inductance/capacitance?  If so, would they be best utilized on interconnects or speaker cables, or both?  Or, should they not be used at all?  TIA for your thoughts.
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Best place I think is in power cables.

Worth trying on the amp side of a speaker cable, especially with amps that use feedback.
All my power cables are PS Audio & have 'ferrite impregnated jacket'. I find them very effective with noise reduction / elimination, although some have commented that they render the sound 'dark'. I actually prefer a 'dark' sound anyway - my 'cup-o-tea'

I’m pretty sure you’ll find the answer is They do work quite well on non-audio related cords, though. I mean, to improve the sound, in case my statement is ambiguous. Oh, no offense to anyone who thinks they work on audio cables.

Wrong-o Geoffy. Ferrite beads are inductors. Inductors are essential in low pass filters. X(L)=2*pi*f*L. If you understand this principle of electronics and Ohm’s Law, and are capable of performing simple arithmetic, you would know that ferrite beads are highly effective when correctly applied to the SIGNAL bearing conductor(s) of any audio cable. The misconception you have fallen prey to is that they won’t work on SHIELDED cables, which is partly correct, as they do impart a minuscule improvement. But, put ferrite beads on the SIGNAL bearing conductors as part of a well planned low pass filter, and the improvements will be obvious. 
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