Are Eosone speakers worth anything?

I have a five speaker set consisting of Eosone RSF-400 towers, RSF-200 bookshelfs and RSC-300 center channel. They are in near new condition. Not sure if I should try to sell them or find a friend that needs a free set of speakers. They are in near new condition. Any opinions will be appreciated.
IIRC they were made by Polk and sold at Best Buy. The brand is relatively unknown -- and sounds a bit like a "white van" type name. I think you'll find that this will keep their "value" low. I suspect that you'd be doing very well to get $300 for the entire set.
Thanks Skriefal. Hardly worth it to sell and ship. Think I'll give them to a relative or friend.
I agree that it's not worth dealing with packaging and shipping these, which is why my estimate was based on a local sale. Local sales of relatively unknown brands are increasingly difficult, and sales prices are correspondingly low. But you could probably sell them locally for what I quoted if you're in a medium to large town and you're willing to wait it out until a buyer comes along.

On the other hand, they *would* make a nice gift to a friend...