Are Dynaudio Bookshelfs Dynamic?

Other than a couple of short listening experiences, really don't have a feel for the Dynaudio Bookshelfs - Excite, Focus or Contour. The only Dynaudio I spent time withw is the BM5A Studio Monitor. Found the FR to be exceptionally flat and the overall sound, while true, to be uninvolving.

I have a pair of Neat Critiques driven with an Exposure 2010S2 (different system) that delivers the type of dynamics and, if you will, PRaT that I prefer.

I'll be using a Primare A30.1 and of the Excite 12, 16, Focus 110 and Contour 1.1, which is the most dynamic, most PRaT or should I be looking at another speaker brand?

I'm leaning towards the Focus 110 and looking to spend ~$1000 used.
I have owned several Contour 1.4s and find them to be quite dynamic, and overall an excellent speaker. They need high current amplification to sound their best. If you have quality amp they will outclass many similar brands at their price point. I would not give them less than 200 watt at 4 ohm. The tweeter and bass/mid are exceptional IMO.
The new XEO 3's are supposed to be special. Wireless and self powered. They should be in your dynaudio retailer soon.
Thanks for the replies. Confident the Primare A30.1 is capable (high current, 180W @ 4 ohms) of driving the Dynaudios I am considering, the Focus 110 or Contour 1.1. I have a Dynaudio SUB250 that I will use with either speaker in a 12 x 12 room.
I have owned the Focus 110s as well as the Contour 1.3 SEs. Dynamics is one of their strong points from my experience. I actually preferred the 110s over the much more expensive 1.3 SEs. The 1.3s were on the irritating side of bright in my system.
In the end I found the 110s a bit to forward for my taste. I would like to hear the 140s in my room but they'd have to be at the right price.
Should mention I was using the Primare 30.1 at the time. Check my system page as that amp is still pictured.
Timrhu - Thanks, the 110s are at the top of the list to try. Checked your system photos, very nice. I'm using the same PS Audio DAC pictured.
I paid $750 for a used pair of 110s in mint condition. They popped up at that price and even though I had no need, I couldn't pass them up. Keep your eyes open for a deal.