Are Dusson amplifiers still available in the US?

I'm having trouble finding info on these other then several great reviews. I found their website but it isn't much help. Looks like this is Chinese company, and the amps are not just assembled there. Anybody know if there is a US distributor currently? These amps definitely seem interesting.
Hey - Just the guy Im looking for :-) Dussun amplifiers were imported by Ping Gong of AAA Audio - don't know if they still are.

If you are looking to buy used I have one for sale :-)


I have a V6i for sale, mint condition. Very nice integrated amp that I would keep, but I was drawn to a Musical Fidelity M3 Nuvista that I just had to have.
Nice amps, I used to have one of their big integrateds and really enjoyed it. Let us know if you find a current distributor.
I has the Dussun T6 100 watt integrated. I thought it was a good amp for it's price range. It was not a giant killer that competed with amplifiers in the 1-2k range.
Grant Fidelity might be of interest for Chinese products.