Are Dipole Surrounds Suitable To Be Used As Fronts

I was just wondering whether dipole surround speakers are suitable to be used as front speakers. Would they mess up the sound? My impression is the sound effects would be more expansive and enveloping with the dipoles at the fronts. Any advice would be appreciated.
If you already own a pair of dipole surrounds, there would be no harm in doing the experiment, but I predict that dipole surrounds will not perform very well as front main speakers.

1) In general, they are lower quality design and construction than speakers intended for use as front mains.

2) Surround formats such as Dolby and DTS are designed with the assumption that the front mains are radiating directly toward the listening position. If you get more expansiveness with dipoles in front, it will be false expansiveness, and it will be at the expense of imaging and clarity.

3) Note that when dipoles are used as side surrounds, they are positioned with their null spaces aimed at the listening position. But when dipoles are used as front mains (such as electrostats or open baffle dynamic speakers) the positive radiating side is aimed directly at the listening position.
Thanks for the detailed response Javachip. I don't have any dipole surrounds yet and am curious about this design. After posting this thread I found some comments about dipole surrounds being labeled as a "dinosaur" design, and that omnipolars which radiate sound in all directions are a superior technology. Now I am having 2nd thoughts in considering dipoles even for side surround applications.
I have dipoles (wharfedale)and they work extremely well as surround speakers. I have used them as fronts for a short while...but they are not suited for that purpose as javachip explained.
Considering your goals the most expansive and enveloping improvement would come from a 7.1 upgrade and no dipoles. Another HL and a couple of Compacts or even a lesser choice for the rears. And since your speakers present an easy load a modest receiver could easily drive them for HT. You really don't have to go nuts to enjoy theater like surround. Your almost there right now.

That's a beautiful space you have.