Are codex isn't working with Oppo when playing Blu-Ray

Does anyone have an Ayre Codex and are you having difficulty playing a Blu Ray disc?
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Unless you use the RCA outs on the Oppo (I’m assuming your unit is not the 105 model), SACD and Blu Rays will not work with the optical out. In other words, only red book CDs can be played through the optical out with the Oppo (I believe their high end 105 model supports USB out and does not suffer this limitation...but I’m not sure). Apparently, this is due to licensing restrictions. It’s actually written in the manually, if memory recalls. Try the RCA outputs, it should work (of course the drawback here is you have use the built in DAC of the player). If you want digital out, you’re going to either have to buy a different player or use the HDMI output somehow. It’s one of the reasons why the lower end Oppo is much cheaper than other brands that support SACDs. Hope that helps.
I did run the RCA out to my Rogue Pharaoh and at first the voices weren't coming through, only the surround.  I tried to adjust the audio out but ended up adjusting it and now even DVD's won't give audio.  Not sure where to go from here.  
As good as the advice is here on the forum, try calling the manufacturer. They usually have experience with similar problems and can offer a solution. It doesn’t make sense to keep trying DIY solutions, and you may end up doing some damage. I had trouble playing a Blu-ray disc with a Pioneer BDP-09. I contacted the manufacturer and found that I needed an update to the player. Pioneer sent me an update disc and the problem was solved. 
When you say adjust, do mean from the options menu?  I would try unplugging the power cord  from the Oppo player, connecting it to a TV, set it to factory settings, power it down again and then try it again. Btw, does CDs work? Unless it's your amp, which I doubt it's probably your player.  If this doesn't work, I would reach out to Oppo for support. The stereo RCA output should work directly connected to your Rogue.