Are Classe Amps Good for B&W?

...and if so, which? I have a pair of B&W 704s and a Rotel 1070 amp/pre-amp combo. I want to upgrade the Rotels. I auditioned the new Krell 400 integrated, and although the expressiveness and emotive power were awesome, I felt that the music sounded constrained. The soundstage was small and instrument separation was poor. Then I auditioned the McCormack DNA 125 and corresponding pre-amp. All the quantifiable factors were great. It was clear, quiet, detailed, soundstage was huge and deep, everything excellently balanced and controlled. However I thought the sound of the music itself was very dry and emotionless. Rather than being neutral, the combo seemed to be neutralizing, regardless of what genre of music I played.

So basically I'm looking for the perfect marriage of the two. An amp/pre-amp with the expressiveness of the Krell with the instrument separation and fantastic soundstaging of the McCormack. I'm searching for a good price on a used Krell combo, but am also looking for some alternatives (preferably less expensive).

Does anyone have a Classe amp (perhaps a 200 or 201) with the B&W 704? How do you like it?

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First, I admit that I have not heard Classe and B&W together. That said I currently use two CA 301's that I would in no way consider them to sound warm. In fact I chose my preamp to pull them back a little. I tend to crank my system up, over 90 decibels and it never sounds edgy or bright. Now Levinson amps sound warm to me. Not in a bad way mind you. Very rich and liquidy. Thiel speakers sound quite warm to me. If B&W sound anything similar to Thiel then maybe the Levinsons might be too warm to combine with. As usual, you just have to try to demo what you can with your other components. Could be that your source or pre needs to be tamed by warmer components down stream.
Thanks for the advice. I'm curious to try the Classe but I think I will have to wait for a local dealer to get one used, so that I can return it if I feel it's not right.