Are Cheap XLR Balanced Better Or GOOD RCA

I now own a Balanced Mark Levinson 38S and Balanced ML 333 amp. I have Mark Levinson/ Madrigal RCA Interconnects but want to go Balanced. But I do not have the extra money right now to buy GOOD Balanced XLR Interconnect Cables. Would using Balanced Connections make that much difference?

Your thoughts would be Greatly Appreciated

I'd go balanced. Likely a trade off given your constraints right now. Some XLR cables don't cost more, like Cardas. Depending on what type of sound your're looking for, Cardas Neutral or golden ref might a a great choice.

Transparent is another, but their xlr cable are twice the cost of rca's.

Benefits are much lower noise floor with balanced connections...
It depends on the length of the interconnect. If it's longer than one meter, then you _may_ hear an improvement with balanced. If it's one meter or less, though, I doubt you'd notice a difference in a double-blind test.

It also depends on the type of cable used. The RCA interconnect you already have is very good. If you use a REALLY cheap balanced interconnect (like a pair of generic microphone cables) you may actually be taking a step down in performance.

For the money, I think Cardas' bottom-of-the-line balanced interconnect is a terrific value. Even if you need a fairly long run, the cost would be minimal.
Some of the Japanese pro balanced cables can realy honestly perform meaning transfer from one component to another in the newtral media. Their performance is great for the price offered.
In the Levinson setup balanced connections give you more gain in the amplifier coming through your speakers. Better sound - maybe depending on the cables. Borrow some cables from a friend to see if its worth it.
short runs, little difference

I'd prefer balanced if I had the option
better contacts and noise cancellation

Cardas golden cross are nice

you can always buy 1/2 meter (if you have a real short run) and save money

Unless you have a really long run, there just isn't going to be much difference. I use a 2 meter balanced Purist Dominus, a very pricey cable, between preamp and amps, but when I substituted a 2 meter RCA of the same cable, I couldn't be sure that I heard any difference at all. Certainly it wasn't significant. Categorically, at any length up to 2 meters, no one will ever convince me that a good 2 meter RCA won't outperform a lesser XLR cable.
Thanks to everyone so far. I would like to add that I need (2) 20 foot pairs to run to my 2 ML 333s. I have to biamp my Apogee Divas. That is why I am so concerned about cost.

Thanks again,
With 20 foot runs you really should go with the XLR's. I can see where not too many friends would have a 20 foot pair much less two laying around. Until your funds are available I would stick to the Rca rather than buy some lesser cable or go to your local general music store and buy a pair from them to just see how things go - they are pretty cheap compared to anything on the suppose high end market. You could also get those guys to convert your RCA pairs to XLR with a change of connectors - you could just use their cheapo connectors or buy some nice Cardas, Neutrix or WBT's. This will save you some money and get you on your way to where you eventually want to be.
I am using an 8 meter balanced Innersound cable. Sounds like the expensive ones at a fraction the price! True bargain and Roger is a great guy to deal with...