Are CD players dead

I went to an audiophile meeting today and the owner of the store said Cd's and cd players are dead. He said you need to start learning about computer audio or you will be left behind. Is what he is saying true?
Reports of the death of redbook cd's are premature.

CD's will survive for quite a while in the market space between availability, cost and convenience. By title, CD sales still reign supreme, correct? That will not last forever, but I regularly use CD, lp, and computer downloads, and assume I am not alone. I like liner notes that I can hold in my hand, and physicval media, whether lp or cd/sacd, has some appeal to me.

I love the convenience of the whole iTunes experience, but not the sound quality. I love the sound of HD digital downloads, but not the lack of availability of content or the clunky interfaces (hardware, software or retail - aside: I will lavish effort over all things vinyl, but can't be bothered with worrying about asynchronus versus non-asynchronus USB conversion etc., go figure). My feeling is that once a HD format is combined with a front end that is as simple to use and widely available as iTunes, then I will embrace electronic media as my first preference, but will continue to spin lps and cd for quite a while.

I suggest you download a free copy of iTunes onto your computer and play with it for a while with a pair of cheap headphones as a gateway drug. If you are interested in going further, then you can move onto the hard stuff - stand alone DAC, boutique playback software, HD downloads, and all that. A good DAC can make a modest cdp sound pretty good too if the player has a decent transport mechanism...

The CD is dead, long live the CD!
Never, I remember they said that about the vinyl lp. Until downloads are provided in resolution above that you can get on a CD/SACD at a reasonable price. Also, I like paying $10 for a new album cd shipped to my door. Love to fondel the case and read the liner notes.
The CD player "completely" replaced the record player and was considered "state of the art" sound...
Buconero: "love to fondel the case". I'll remember not to buy used CDs from you:) Seriously, I have my recently purchased Naim cd555/ps555, bought here. "THE" upgrade talked about on the Naim Forum is to add an extra ps555 (power source), which I plan to do/try. At this moment Ebay has over 152,000 CD's for sale in the jazz category alone. For me, CD players will be alive as long as I am...