Are Capitole and Mephisto recommended components?

I couldn't seem to find my latest Stereophile recommended component magazines but in the October 2000 list I didn't see the Capitole or Mephisto listed. I'm wondering if they have been reviewed by Stereophile and wether they recommended them or not. I've noticed alot of AGers saying that these two players are the top dogs. Has anyone done direct comparisons between one of these players and one of the Stereophile class A or A+ CD players? I would enjoy hearing your comparisons.
I do not recall either being reviewed. You can check this at the Stereophile website by doing a search of the back issues.
I can tell you the capitole mk I is better than most (all?) 'class A' cd players that I've heard or owned. I'm listening to one right now!

Disclaimer: I am friends with a local Capitole dealer.

I wish stereophile would review it. Check out, they have a good review of the capitole.
I'm not positive, but I don't think the Aero Audio Capitole was out in October of 2000.
Stereopile is not the de-facto source for all information on quality audio products. There are many reasons why some amazing components do not make their way onto that over-hyped list.

Politics. Ad Revenue. Arrogance on the part of the manufacturer. Competitive issues with other publications.

But, look at - the Capitole was a best of 2001 product with a glowing review.

The Stereopile list can be a decent guide, but let YOUR ears and brain decide.
Ianrmack is absolutely right. I own the Mephisto II, and have been very happy, and don't really care if anyone has reviewed it. This is probably true for the content owners of the AA II.

I've been a subscriber to TAS for nearly 17 years, and read Stereophile off and on (just started a subscription this year - $1 a month is less than I spend on toilet paper . . . sad).

The funny thing is that I used to be convinced that reviews, especially positive ones, were related to how often manufacturers place ads, but the principals at Talon (i have a pair of Khorus-X speakers) told me they're pretty much through advertising in Stereophile, after nary a mention, even in the articles on the audio shows.

With the wealth of advice over a variety of sources on the 'net, and a little DD of your own, you can make a confident decision.

Good luck!
That is a very interesting point regarding Talon Arooj. I had never really thought about it but you are right. They never mention Talon. Strange because the Khorus X is one of the very best I've heard.

On the topic of stereophile recommendations. Two years ago I wouldn't touch anything that wasn't on their A or B list. Now it's much less important to me. Now I know what I want when I hear it. When I started out they really helped me to find some great gear and learn about what sounds like what. They turned me on to products like the audio physic Virgo, the Adcom 750, the rega 25, and the ARC vt-100.

Sadly, nowadays I just don't feel they have a good pulse on the current market. Why haven't they reviewed the Avalon Eidolon, the Khorus X, the Vandersteen 5, the AA Capitole, or Tenor OTLs ?

Not enough space ?
Manufacturer won't GIVE them a sample ?

One thing I wish ALL the audio review magazines would STOP doing is waiting for a manufacturer to GIVE them a product to review. You can't tell me it's not economically feasible for them to buy (likely at dealer cost), evaluate, then resell.

How seriously would you take Consumer Reports if they went to auto shows, then solicited and waited for Isuzu to give them a new Trooper to review ? After which the reviewer has the option of purchasing for $10,000 or keeping indefinitely as one of his 'reference' vehicles ?
Phild the Capitole has been around for 3 + years. I first heard it at a Show in Toronto in Oct 2000. First time I heard it was on a Pair of Tetra Loudspeakers. Another barnd that kicks butt.
Reviews are for people who do not have what it takes to make a descion. Based on what thier ears tell them.
Reviews are also for people who live hundreds of miles from dealers who carry the equipment they are interested in. eapos