Are cables really worth their high price because of their geometry?

They’re some pricey cables that have claim to fame because of the high tech geometry used in their cables.
Many of these cables have patents on specific geometry patterns used in their cables and use this as a reason their cables sound so good. For that reason, many say the reason their cables cost so much is they’re so complex . The man hours to make a pr results in their high price. That maybe true for some cables, but I’ve seen very pricey cables using the same geometry reason that look like a thin piece of wire rapped in outer jacket no thicker than a pencil. So,Is all this geometry just another way to justify their cost or is it true science that we are paying in the end?

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Looks like this issue of geometry will always a controversial one.
If the design is more complex and very time consuming then the end result must be worth its cost. In many ways we might be paying the price now for something that will come in the future.
Evolution in many cases has evolved through countless trials and failures in the realm of science. There are leading edge designers of cables that have been at this for 40 plus years and without them
our quality of cables would be much less today without their discoveries. Maybe they are getting close to the perfect cable?