Are cable “upgrades” just as likely to make your system sound worse?

Many of us with highly resolving systems have found that speakers cables and interconnect cables can improve the sound quality of our systems. But are they also just as likely to do the opposite?

A few months ago, I “upgraded” to a renowned speaker cable, and immediately noticed more detail and resolution. I was so pleased I also “upgraded” the interconnects. But with more time I realized that the trade-off for more detail was a thinner sound with diminished tonal richness. Thus began a maddening series of attempts to fix the problem – different speaker cables, different DAC, different streamer, and now even a 30 trial of a new amplifier to try to overcome the thinness and find a more natural tone. It finally occurred to me to replace the out-of-sight-out-of-mind interconnects (with my original interconnects), and immediately the problem was blessedly solved.

Have others experienced this frustration? What recommendations do you have to avoid such fiascos?


Any cable if they don’t match your system ? It will make the sound worse.

Everyone that has experimented with cables has likely run across some that are a bad match for their system. I suspect that many "deniers" keep the same cabling and go the opposite route - replacing equipment to match their wire.Which is ok too,just different.


Thanks for reminding us of nocebo effects with subjective performance assessments.

Having term Likely it's very easy to determine that UnLikely anything gonna happen with cable upgrades or downgrades.

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