Are Burmester Amps a good match with Aesthetix Pre

Hi guys need some quick advice, looking to for an amp change, I just wanted to know if the burmester 956 mkII is a proper match with my Aesthetix Calyspo Pre. Oh my Speakers are Snell Type Aiii. Thanks in advance for any help.
I have a match made in heaven with my 911 m3 and Concert Fidelity pre. Outstanding!
As already mentioned, the Burmester amps are typically designed with balanced-only inputs, have unusually low input impedance, and run at very high gain. This makes them difficult or impossible to run properly with many tube preamps. I am making a device called the Flex-Connect that overcomes these obstacles and allows any tube preamp to run these excellent amplifiers properly. Please see my website for more information.

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Steve McCormack
SMc Audio

Burmester amps are glorious if matched with Burmester Preamplifiers, even if they are the cheapest/older ones.

I tried to match my 911MK3 with my faithful Mark Levinson 320S, not bad , but the Burmester preamp was the match made in heaven.