Are Bowers and Wilkins speakers overpriced?

I see a lot of negative commentary on B&W. Why? Are they overpriced? Do they not sound as amazing as they look? Are they too “main stream”? - I love my 805 d3’s but curious why they get such a bad rep. 
As way above says…..

 your asking specifically if b&w speakers are overpriced………in an audio website  ?
eveerthing audio is overpriced. 
 Audio diehards spend 250$ on a fuse …A FUSE !!!!!
or 2500$ on a pair of rca cables…..
700$ on a 2 foot power cord which turns water into wine.  
 Are b&w overpriced ?? Yeah maybe a little 😄😄🍺
Are they expensive, not to me when you compare them with the competition. There is lot of R&D, labor (UK not China) and distribution cost not to mention dealers mark ups. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of bargains available in all segments of Hi-Fi :-) 
I do not believe B&W are overpriced for what they have to offer. I have auditioned B&W since the early 90s, hearing plenty of the 800 diamond series over the years. I still own some little old 302s.

I seriously considered the 802D or 800Ds with long auditioning but that tweeter was simply too much for me. Still a great speaker but you need to like the sound, or tame it down with the electronics.

B&W is a class act in my book. Regardless of house sound, some like and some not so much, I have always suggested B&W to others, for good sound and for good value.
The new 801D4 series does not have an overly bright sounding tweeter. It sounded incredibly remarkable at the Capital Audio Fest during its worldwide public debut at the fest. It was paired with the New McIntosh MC901s…600 watts solid state and 300 watts tube, simply fantastic sounding.