Are both mini-stealths the same?

The "digital" mini-stealth has a label on it marked "digital". The non-digital one has no such labeling. Are they really the same but with a label simply to allow the user to tell them apart?
My guess is that one is filtered for digital intended for cd players,dacs and digital devices. The other would be intended for equipment other than digital devices. Being they are "minis" some people wish not to spend the $$ for the full blown Stealth,so they are buying One Mini of each.
Thorman is correct about the filtration.
Also, the Mini-Stealth is exactly the same as the regular Sealth - except having only 2 outlets. Using the Mini-Digital along with the Mini-Stealth works best - as you can isolate the digital to it's own dedicated outlet. Cheers-Gregg.
Yes, they are different. Gregg is right on. I use the Stealth Mini Digital and, now (used to own the Stealth), the Mini Matrix for my Passion. Unbelievable. While the Stealth is wonderful, the Matrix goes to new heights. Love 'em. peace, warren

P.S. If you're interested in purchasing any of the Audio Magic products, I can turn you on to the fella I bought mine from. Honest, audio savvy, patient and great prices.