Are BFA Connectors sold anywhere in the US

I'd like to re-terminate some speaker cables to fit a Linn amplifier, but I am unable to find a source for the required BFA connectors. These would also be required for some Arcam amps, I understand. Has anyone purchased any of these elusive snipes in the US?
Audioquest makes BFA-compatible banana plugs. They should be easy to get.
audioquest-20.00 for four with screw terminals. real easy
to work with.
nordost- fit a little tighter, solder type.
Look up "Arcam" in the manfacturer directory and this should take you to the US distributor, ASL Group. Give them a call. The BFA's they sold me a few years back were of high quality and they accepted 9/10 ga. bare wire w/ a screw used for securing the wire. Soldering was not necessary. Check w/ them. Bill
Thanks for the help.

The folks at Arcam were real nice and I have 5 pairs on the way for very little money.

Rufer, I think what you describe is the BFA/CE connectors, and they would have worked as well, as it turns out there's a dealer 2 miles from me which carries them. All the pictures I could find on the web showed only the bare bananas, the /CE connectors have the outer insulation that I was looding for.