Are Avalon still in Bussines

Hi my name is Dan,

I have the Avalon Opus Ceramiqe.

I need new woofers.

no one answering mail or phone for some time now

Any helpful ideas?



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That's kind of a poor excuse on their part.  For the uber expensive speakers they sell,  they could at least have someone answering the phone.  Some of these high end company's are really clueless on making good business.

I understand the comments above but since I also build audio components, sometimes you get into crunch time and really cannot deliver the service you intend to deliver.  As for me, my mother recently passed away and I had no desire to speak to anyone for a few days even though the customer service aspect is normally what helps me standout.

Happy Listening,
I have I have had a similar experience, and not around an audio show...although, Asia or Europe may have been hosting; in that, I left three voicemails over a two month span , but received no callback.  
Madisound does supply Accuton drivers

Good luck..agree, .great speakers

Me too.  Avalon, what's going on?  Great speakers, but I don't understand the customer relations or marketing.  Seems like they try to get people to talk with dealers rather than directly with them?
Dan you don't need to go through Avalon at all.

Most all of Avalons drivers are off the shelf parts. Carefully remove the woofers from the cabinet and the model and specs of the driver may be on the woofer itself.

Your drivers are made by Acuton of Germany you can always email them directly for the exact specs that Avalon used in the speaker and then source the drivers from Madison or another US distributor who can source the parts for you.

You will also save money that way, as most likely Avalon is charging a premium for replacement parts.

You may want to fix your speakers and upgrade to a newer design.

Those drivers were superb but some of todays high tech speakers are even better.

Good luck.

Dave and Troy
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