Are audiophile speakers turn on for single women?

I recently purchased a pair of speakers that I showed to a non-audiophile female friend of mine. She said they looked beautiful and asked how much they cost. When I told her, her jaw dropped. She then asked if I was using them to pick up hot chicks. Hmm...I told her the only people who get turned on by my audiophile speakers are balding middle-aged men. She had a laugh, but I wondered if anyone tried to impress a girl with his stereo system. High end is a male dominated hobby like sports cars. So have you found a woman who was turned on by your system. I have had no such look. I just get blank stares when I talk about my hobby to women.
I don't think so. At least in my experience. Descriptive words that come to mind, which women have used to describe my speakers/set-up have included "that stuff" and "that junk."

Most recenlty when a female friend of mine saw my system and thought it a waste of $$$. Her comment was, "You better finish buying all this junk before you get married. Because once you get married your wife will never let you waste money on this kind of junk."

So, I don't think so. Although I now remember that 1 female friend described the speakers as classy and with a high quality furniture look. But I'm sure they were not a "turn on" for her.
Musicpod, that's why I am not married and have a girlfriend instead. I can buy "that junk" ad infinitum :-)
It depends on the woman. If you play the right music, she'll pay attention to you. Which is what you want anyway, right? But don't expect her to appreciate your audio investment.
Just a grammatic question...since when did we develop as an English speaking country, this confusion with the words, THAN and THEN?

Example of correct usage.
"He is older THAN she."

Incorrect usage.
" He is older THEN she."

Is this difficult? Why do I see it not only here, but in some nationally/or at least locally produced ads?

Show of hands many of you did NOT know this?
I only point it out as I noticed it on this particular thread.

Lrsky, They sound the same and have the same amount of letters making choice very difficult - otherwise always choose a shorter one. For instance write:

nun instead of noun or none
nose instead of knows
by instead of buy or bye
be instead of bee
site instead of sight or cite
our instead of hour

"Maid in USA" is improper since "maid" and "made" have the same amount of letters.

It is simple to remember and saves a lot of paper.